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2018年5月21日: 新的版本为四月

No fooling! April was an exciting time to be a fan of GURPS, with the re-release (thanks to our On Demand program) of three of the best-known, classic GURPS settings:

GURPS 钢铁王朝 – a desperate post-apocalyptic fight against robot overlords.

GURPS Technomancer – a modern-era world where technology and magic reign supreme.

GURPS 巫毒 – a shadow war against the forces of darkness.

Although designed for GURPS Third Edition, these worlds are still perfect inspiration for your GURPS gaming. In fact, 钢铁王朝 even has a supplement – GURPS 钢铁王朝: 意志活着 – that works in tandem with the original sourcebook to upgrade the setting to GURPS Fourth Edition.

这些书籍加入了许多其他可用的 按需 , 完美的球员谁想要他们的 gurps 游戏在打印。查看可用的 #39;你的书架会感谢你的!


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